Bild von Florian Beck

Florian Beck


Rostock, Germany

Florian Beck takes care of sales with his outstanding communication and analytical skills and has extensive project management expertise from consulting.

BA Business Education and Banking Economist
Favorite color
Favorite food
Wraps with shrimps or smoked salmon
Favorite movie
To many
Favorite book
I don't have one. Books on personal development and specialist literature (mostly from the internet in condensed form)
Favorite music
Headhunterz, Live Your Life
A compliment you would give yourself
I am constantly trying to develop myself further.
Top podcast
Favorite sport
Paragliding, diving, fitness studios, gravel biking and kitesurfing.
Favorite location
Cooking, sport (see above ­čśé), traveling
A superhero you can identify with
Iron Man
A wish you want to fulfill
A trip around the world and making the world a better place with friends.