Bild von Glenn Skrzypczak

Glenn Skrzypczak


Rostock, Germany

Glenn Skrzypczak is the IT professional responsible for software planning and development. He won the European championship titles in 'IT Software Solutions for Business' and 'Speedprogramming' in 2023.

Favorite color
Favorite food
Spaghetti Carbonara
Favorite movie
Favorite book
I haven't read any books for a long time, but in the past I used to read The Three ???.
Favorite music
Hip Hop
A compliment you would give yourself
I am very proud of the things I have already achieved.
Favorite sport
Favorite location
Fitness, football, computer games
A superhero you can identify with
He's not a real superhero, but R2-D2 from Star Wars is the closest I can think of.
A wish you want to fulfill
I would like to live abroad for a longer period of time to gain experience.