Save up to 24 minutes - per day and employee

One key for everyone

With NOX, looking for keys is a thing of the past. We convert physical keys into digital ones. This means you always have the right key with you on your mobile device. As access rights are only assigned when they are actually required, misuse in the event of loss is ruled out.

Automatic key distribution.
The digital keys are automatically assigned to the employees' devices based on the shift plan.
Contactless key exchange.
Your employees no longer have to meet physically during the shift, but can simply hand over keys digitally.
Access in emergency situations.
Thanks to fast and secure access, emergencies can be dealt with quickly without losing time getting the key.
Screenshot of the app

Advantages of NOX

Optimize your care routine with the help of our smart door lock.

Free of charge for care services
Our focus is on the people. That's why we want to provide help and not impose additional burdens.
Care aid
We are currently working on various aid approvals. These will allow us to make our system accessible to as many people as possible.
Installation support
We won't let you down and will of course help with the introduction of NOX.
Saves time, money and nerves
We want to take the strain off you and give you the time you need for care. This makes care a better experience for everyone.