Founders' Update #9: A smart door lock that saves lives - NOX

NOX not only stands for a smart door lock, but for innovation that saves lives and sustainably changes operations in the care sector.

Founders' Update #9: A smart door lock that saves lives - NOX

The name "NOX" stands for innovation that protects lives and changes everyday life in care. The team emphasizes the desire for an independent and long life and addresses the increased mortality rate in the first year in nursing homes.

The NOX smart door lock enables quick access for care and rescue workers and extends the self-determined life of patients.

Through collaboration, NOX smart door locks have evolved into a comprehensive solution that improves the safety of those in need of care and reduces the burden on care staff.

Co-founder Johannes Mai emphasizes efforts for broader accessibility and is aiming for certification as a care aid. Certification could lead to subsidies for people with care needs.

With regard to the start-up scene in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (MV), the openness and community support that create an environment for innovation and growth stand out.

The hope for the future is that Mecklenburg-Vorpommern will be increasingly recognized as a destination for international investors, leveraging the exceptional commitment of the local community.

The journey to Gründungswerft began with a business plan competition in 2020 and led to the formation of a strong team. Since 2023, the co-founder is proud to be an integral part of Gründungswerft and appreciates the network of like-minded people as well as the platform's support in growth and development.

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